Investor Relations Disclosure Policy



This serves as the guide for Y&G Corporation Bhd of what a public listed company should consider when formulating its disclosure policy and the various tools that the Company can typically use to communicate this, including meetings, company announcements, annual reports and websites, as well as the provisions in the Companies Act 2016 for communicating with shareholders.

The Company nevertheless recognises that electronic media, in particular its website can be used as the primary communication channel as it provides wide coverage and is instantaneous.

Secondly, the Company wishes to ensure that any announcement of material information and corporate disclosure made or to be released to the public goes through a set of internal guidelines so that the information released is clear, factual, accurate, informative and is in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and in a timely manner.

This Policy however, does not apply to communication in the ordinary course of business activities of the Company.


The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Company’s disclosure requirements are fulfilled. The Board delegates the implementation to the Executive Director and the Finance Manager.

Any release of the current year’s business operation and financial information in any form should obtain the approval from the Executive Director and the Finance Manager.

All release of information to the public and enforcement agencies/bodies by way of electronic media release or face-to-face discussion must also seek the Company Secretary’s opinion and advice as to whether the release of information meets the requirements of the Companies Act 2016 and Main Market Listing Requirements.

Communication Channel

The Company has appointed the following personnel mentioned below to communicate with the public and stakeholders. The method of communication includes accepting inquiries and feedbacks. As certain information may be time sensitive, the Company will at its best effort response to the inquiries at the earliest possible time.

Authorised Spokesperson

Name              : Mr. Johnny Lee YS
Position          : Finance Manager
Telephone      : +603 – 7876 1188
Email              : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The authorised spokesperson may from time-to-time designates others within the Company to speak on behalf of the Company or to respond to specific inquiries.



The Senior Management Team must be well prepared, with strong commitment, to ensure that meetings are as effective as possible and that the information to be disclosed has been duly approved.

The Company’s face-to-face communication activities should include briefing the media and analyst, as well as meetings with institutional investors and private equity brokers.

Press and Media

Building strong relationships with the press and market analyst is the key to gaining added press and media coverage. It is important to build a healthy relationship and understanding with the analysts and journalists of the sector/industry covering all types of media.

The most effective way to engage an analyst and journalist and convey a company’s equity story is through face-to-face meetings. If the analysts and journalists have good background knowledge of the company, this will mean that they will be more inclined to cover the company’s release of specific news.

General meetings

The Company will use its annual general meeting to communicate fully with its stakeholders. The meeting can be used by the Independent Non-Executive Chairman or Managing Director to present and provide a current update of the Company, but this should be reflected in a market announcement which gives all stakeholders an update, including those who were unable to attend the meeting itself. The announcement on the official website must replicate the content of the meeting, to ensure that all stakeholders have access to the same information.

The annual general meeting will also be used as a discussion forum, and questions should be encouraged during the formal proceedings. This ensures that the management is transparent to the stakeholders about the running of the business, and provide an opportunity for the stakeholders to raise queries or concerns of the internal and external business environment.

Site visits

The Company will on a case-to-case basis, consider a visitor’s request for a site visitation. The Company is of the view that a site visit is a powerful way to convey its story and to give the visitor a greater insight into the company. The Company will consider events such as the opening of new show rooms or the launch of a new development/project are the ideal opportunities to host a visit.

Company Announcement


In order to maintain fair and transparent market, it is of fundamental importance that public listed companies keep investors regularly informed about their affairs. The various provisions set out both in statute and regulation relating to company announcements help to create such transparency and protection for market participants.

What to announce

The need to provide investors with the regular news flow means that the Company will need to have in place an annual reporting calendar to enable it to announce certain planned events throughout the year. In addition to this, the Company may hold regular investor or analyst briefings and will also communicate with its shareholders at the Annual General Meeting. The periodic publication of news help to create a balanced and orderly market in the Company’s security. However, the Company must also operate on an ad-hoc basis to ensure that any new material developments are also disclosed to the market without any delay. This will normally involve consideration of whether there is any ‘inside information’ which requires disclosure to the market.

When to announce

Material information will have to be announced immediately to Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad first and thereafter made available on the Company’s website. All announcements will have to be in accordance with the Main Market Listing Requirements.

Response to Rumours and Reports

The Company will not attend to any rumours and reports unless there is significant reaction in the share/warrant prices of the Company. The inquiry and report into the matter should be made public, if attended. The Executive Director and/or the Finance Manager will attend to any rumours and reports.

Approved by the Board of Directors on 29 May 2019.